Blank-Label Shirt Review

February 25, 2010 | | 8 Comments 

blank-label-shirt-reviewIn December, the good folks over at Blank Label invited me to try one of their custom men’s dress shirts.

Blank Label is a Boston-based startup that allows its customers to create their own custom dress shirts online.

I went ahead and used their online custom shirt creator and waited for my shirt in the mail. Now that I’ve worn the shirt a couple times now, here are my thoughts.

Overall, I’d say Blank-Label is really on to something here. They’ve created a nicely designed site which allows any Joe Shmo like me to easily create a custom dress shirt online. And I’ve got to hand it to them, the shirt fits almost perfect. It fits exactly the same if not better than the shirt I bought at Cafe Coton off the rack and had taken in at the local tailor. The difference though was that with Blank Label, I never left my apartment. Continue reading »

We’ve talked about why we like Boxee before here on Ploomy.  At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES),  Boxee has just unveiled one of my favorite pieces of hardware coupled with one of my favorite pieces of software.

What is the Boxee Box?

Boxee is the best way to enjoy entertainment from the Internet and computer on your TV. Boxee is launching their IPTV set-top box powered by the Nvidia Tegra 2. This is the big brother to the Tegra that powers the Microsoft Zune, and several other upcoming Windows Mobile 7 phones.

Rather than using the traditional content provider model, Boxee is a rather unique IPTV solution in that they are a portal to content providers.  This is great because it allows for almost any video content on the Internets to be accessed. Continue reading »

If you’re like most guys, you’ve got more than a dozen long sleeve button down shirts hanging in your closet. They’re all the usual suspects…JCrew, Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren, Guess, and hell maybe even thrown in a few Van Heusen outlet shirt specials you got a few birthdays ago.  Either way, we’ve all got our fair share of these button down sportshirts fighting for playing time.  And why not, they’re essential to every man’s wardrobe.

The problem I find is that I go through these shirts too quickly. When I first buy them, I think I’ve found my new favorite shirt, but after a few washes they just ain’t the same. So you cut their playing time and eventually relegate them to the end of your proverbial bench.

Enter Dunning Sportswear.  The Dunning Performance Sportshirt ($125) may look like a traditional shirt with a classic fit, but after deeper inspection, the threads reveal a non-traditional Coolmax poly-cotton blend which wicks away moisture . Continue reading »


Toolbox Garage Refrigerator

You can tell the misses that you’re going to the  basement to get some work done, when you’re really just going to eat a snack and throw back a few cold beverages.

Ubiquity Boombox Wallet

Its simple illustrated white pattern on black pops like your old speakers cranked up to 11. Slim yet roomy, the wallet features a large pocket with a divider and holds up to 8 cards.

Lunar Pool Table

In the future all pool tables will look like the Lunar Pool Table, or at least we really hope so. Not just good looking, this billiards table integrates with your iPod through 80w speakers complimented by LED lights.

Vertical Pocket Wallet

The Vertical Pocket is a snap-closure wallet with spacers that allow for more cards and cash but still keep it lean enough to fit in your pants.

Hamburger Press

Made of cast aluminum with a green rubberized wood handle, the press allows you to prep two burgers at a time, so your patties look perfect from start to finish.

3D Chess Board

There’s something epic about the mountainous design that you just don’t get with any other chess board.

Thanks Wikipedia T-shirt

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t use Wikipedia as a reference for college papers (we just didn’t cite them since the professor banned it as a source). So why not finally give credit where credit is due.

Ostrich Drinking & Gaming Case

The Ostrich Drinking and Gaming case includes 2 crystal wine glasses, leather coasters, bottle opener and stopper and 2 packs of playing cards, and of course a place to hold a bottle of wine.


Engine Coffee Table

Hand carved solid mahogany wood base and soft black leather, beautiful inlays of alligator and stingray skin … you could almost miss how bad ass this coffee table is.

The Douche Card

Now it’s incredibly simple to let someone know, Hey man, you’re a douche. The douche card doesn’t come with the ability to block a punch or run quickly, so use with care.

Gear Coasters

Get your motor runnin’ with gear coasters from designer Scott Sullivan. There’s even felt on the bottoms to pick up the condensation from drinks.

Wood Socks

While these may not make good firewood, they’re a great pair of socks to wear around the house while you relax and imagine yourself in more natural surroundings.

Hard Cards

From the creators – “We are tired of pretending that we’re happy about your babies, thrilled you’re turning another year older, or that we actually care about your problems.”

Black Screen Watch

The sleek, featureless face of the Black Screen Watch displays the time and date in digital format using LEDs only when its button is pressed. Once the button is released, the screen returns to its jet black state.

Beer Soap

The soap doesn’t actually smell like beer, but the soap comes from a blend of beer and other soap ingredients, giving the it a gentle hops or malt aroma.

Balla Powder

The name says it all. Balla Powder keeps your “soldiers” dry during the battle and smelling great when it’s time for war.


Samurai Sword Umbrella

For your next showdown with the precipitation, remove your Samurai Sword Handle Umbrella from its nylon sheath and get out there. Battle away…


Only 4″ tall, these fun little speech boxes won’t take up a lot of space on your desk, but they’ll sure make a lot of noise.

Stainless Steel Ofuro

Updated from the traditional Japanese wood Ofuro, the Stainless Steel Ofuro is extremely easy to maintain and massages your muscles with 18 air jets built into the seat, all controlled with the touch of a button.

Ork City Posters

Made of 100% recycled paper and soy based inks, form meets function when several U.S cities are broken down into their distinct neighborhoods to make for some pretty sweet wall art.

Ninja Tack

Every office is more interesting with Ninja Throwing Stars. But if you’re worried your boss would disapprove, you can still get the effect with Ninja Tacks.


If you think that mash-ups are just recycled music, let Jaydiohead by Minty Fresh Beats change your mind. The tracks aren’t taken from any one Jay-Z or Radiohead album and the musical choices are very deliberate.

The Hopside Down Glass

Aside from looking cool, the Hopside down is double walled so your brew remains at the perfect temperature right down to the last sip.

Fender Stratocaster Table

The Deluxe Stratocaster Table is made in the image of the most common and enduring models of electric guitar in the world.


Scribble on Walls

…some geeks made awesome affordable wall decals that kick ass. Scribble on Walls decals range in price, size and awesomeness.

Underwater HD Video Camera Mask

Capture those underwater memories in HD at 30 fps for just a little over 200 bones.

Fuck the Economy Mug

Right now you may not feel like the “World’s Greatest” anything and you’d really rather not have to look at anything “whimsical” while you drink your morning coffee and read about the economic state we’re in.

Playstation 3 WarBeast Guitar

You might have chops when it comes to playing the plastic 5-button, but you’ll never look as cool as the guys playing a 6-string.

Whiskey Stones

Whisky stones are magical little cubes that you stick in the freezer and drop in your drink when needed and they obviously don’t melt and ruin it.

Mix Tape Portable DJ Mixer

A new twist on a old favorite, the Mix Tape Portable DJ Mixer looks just like an old cassette tape but is a feature rich DJ Mixer.

Gus Modern Timber Table

Remember your old plywood end table? Now you can recreate that memory without compromising class and style.

Roller Coasters

Lol. Get it? Simple and fun, these Roller Coasters will serve as a good test to see just how dumb that blonde you plan on taking home later tonight really


Fuck the Rain Umbrella

Fuck the rain! Designed by Anton Schnaider, the Fuck the Rain umbrella features a carabineer handle.

Dart Coat Hooks

These stainless steel Dart Coat Hooks are tipped with screws for wall-mounting, and when in the wall you wouldn’t even realize they weren’t actual darts.

Pin Clock

Modeled after the pin art toys that you press your hand onto, this clock’s face is made up of 3,000 pins that as each minute passes retract and reshuffle to create the next number.

Gravity Balans Chair

The special edition leather Gravity Balans chair lets you feel as close to zero gravity as you’re going to get outside of orbit.

c-Jays Headphones

c-JAYS headphones come with 3 different foam ear cushions for a different sound and feeling. The multi layer speakers provide balanced sound with detailed highs and intense lows.

Property of P.T. Cycle Bag

Laid back style and practicality meet with weather proofed, polyurethane coated cotton and attractive leather trim.

Vroom iPhone Case

Made from 100% treaded rubber that’s impact resistant so it provides ample protection for your phone, not to mention a good grip.


WTF? How to Survive 101 of Life’s Worst F*#!-ing Situations

Alleviate stress and with any luck—avoid conviction following these hilariously satisfying tips.

Rinse & Chop

The Rinse and Chop is a hinged cutting board that’s also magically a colander. Dishwasher safe and great for small bachelor pads.

Razorblade Mirror

Seriously, this thing looks pretty awesome… check out that ruggedly handsome mug in this oversized razor blade.

Blackbird Guitars

There are few things we consider sacred and not to be “improved” upon with advances in technology and until now, the acoustic guitar was one of them.

Shroud of Purrin Hoody

Stay warm and active with only one layer in the Shroud of Purrin Hoody which features a water resistant but surprisingly breathable outer layer and a full hood with an extremely soft faux fur inside.

Kuro Cube

It reduces fridge odor and absorbs foul gasses to keep food fresh longer. It’s active for years, but when it loses its juice, just give it a sunbath.

The Save-Your-Marriage Easy Tree Stand

Literally put your tree up in 10 seconds and give the Mrs. and her mother dearest one less thing to criticize you about.

TSOVET Watches

Influenced from industrial tools and motor gauges, TSOVET Time Instruments would be favorite of any steampunk fan.