Ploomy Girl #10 is Suzie Leighton.  The 24-year old San Francisco native is always on the move. She’s lived in and visited more places than most people do in a lifetime. At the age of 18, Suzie moved to Europe where she served as an aupair (nanny) for 2 years.  After coming back to the United States, Suzie attended college in San Diego where she was business fashion major.  She eventually dropped out after finding the job she’d been dreaming about since 3 and that was being a flight attendant. That’s where this flight takes off…hop on the plane with us and see where she takes us.

What’s it like being a flight attendant?
I love being a flight attendant because you’re always on the go. You can’t really have a real life at home because you’re gone a lot. And if you have kids, it must be even harder.  When I settle down and have kids I definitely will have to quit.  If you are in a relationship, you have to be with a really trusting guy because you are with pilots and hot co-workers all the time! But I love it. I’m never one to stay in one place for too long so it’s the perfect job for me.

As a passenger, we always see flight attendants going to that back area during break periods or when there is no service coming around.  What are you guys really doing back there???
When we’re in the back, we gossip ha ha. We usually are talking about the latest news in the crew room and who’s hooking up with who. And of course because you don’t really have long breaks during the day, we take that time to chow down.

As a flight attendant, have you ever caught anyone trying to get into the “mile high club?”
I’ve never caught anyone, but I can’t say that I’m not a member of the mile high club!

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Since we introduced you to Ploomy Girl #6 ClaraBelle a few months ago, she’s received well over half a million views on YouTube. Her newest video entitled “Oh Well” is an original song and is just awesome. Her lovely voice and unique sound (not to mention her stunning looks) make her such a treat to watch.  Be sure to watch this video all the way through as she includes some great behind the scenes outtakes.

And also be on the look out for her debut CD coming out soon.

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Felicia, Ploomy Girl #7 is San Francisco’s premier pancake queen. She basically grew up in the restaurant her family started (Mama’s). At this point in her life, the 27-year old has done everything from wait tables to flip pancakes. And for the record, she prefers flipping pancakes. She can hold her own in Mama’s kitchen, which means she’s speedy with a spatula and can swear coherently in English and Spanish. You don’t see too many female line cooks out there, so we love the fact that she’s mixing things up. She starts her days early, hopefully getting all the baking for the restaurant done by the time they open at 8am, then, a couple of days a week she cooks in the line. Between that and pastry school, she spends most of her time in an apron, covered head-to-toe in flour (it gets messy). We recently caught up with her at the restaurant to see what was cooking. We fed her a few lines to get her to take off the apron…but yeah she wasn’t having it.

Ploomy Girl #7: Hot Mama’s

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Ploomy Girl #6 ClaraBelle is talented. No wait, let me rephrase that. Ploomy Girl #6 ClaraBelle is “bloody” talented. She’s our first international Ploomy Girl (lives in London) and we’re excited to have her on the site.

Raised in Osaka, Japan by a Scottish mother and a Japanese father, 25-year old Clara had a very unique upbringing. Her mother, dedicated to a world peace movement, named her for the “clarity” she would bring into the world (no pressure). After settling in Scotland for the latter part of her schooling, she then went on to study music in London where she now resides. And when you listen to her music, you realize she’s developed her own unique East meets West aesthetic. That’s probably because her grandparents surrounded Clara with the traditional island sounds and culture of their native Okinawa while her jazz-loving father and mother brought her up on a steady diet of The Carpenters, Carole King, Celtic music, and that little group The Beatles.

Although she’s been so busy in the studio recording her first album, we caught up with her so she could school us on what it’s like juggling a budding music career and being a music teacher.

Ploomy Girl #6: Saved By the ClaraBelle

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Ploomy Girl #5 : Cin City, USA

Maybe it’s the southern hospitality, but there’s just something sexy about women from the South. Ploomy Girl #5 Cindy Lu from Atlanta, GA is no exception. This 23-year old recent nursing graduate is what we look for here at Ploomy. She’s got secret tattoos, dresses up for Halloween, loves giving guys shots (of the medical variety) and has also been known to tear up the dance floor. We caught up with this busy belle and got a few doses of that southern charm we keep hearing about. Continue reading »

Ploomy Girl #4: JackAttack

If Jackie Taheny were in movies, she’d probably play the role of Will Ferrell’s sidekick chick who is hot as hell, but doesn’t take no for an answer. Just talking to her, you get a sense she’s definitely a gal that feels completely comfortable in her own skin, knows how to have fun, and can probably belch with the best of them.

This California native is a recent college graduate and member of the Cal State Long Beach Men’s Crew team. We brought our life jacket and caught up with this Ploomy Girl to see what floats her boat.

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Ploomy Girl #3: The Kat’s Meow

Ploomy Girl #3: Kathrien (aka Kat)

Kathrien may just be a cool cat from the East Coast, but to us she’s all Ploomy Girl. Kat works at a venture funded startup (docstoc), surprises people with her unusual skills at hip-hop karaoke, has worked for P. Diddy and even appeared on the hit show “The Office.”

We caught up with this lively feline through Google Talk and asked her to see if living in Los Angeles is all that it’s cracked up to be.

The Cat’s Meow: The epitome of cool. To be used with extreme prejudice to describe items too awesome to be called baddass, sweet, or the duck’s nuts. [via]

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Ploomy Girl #2: The Elle Word

We received numerous emails from you readers out there to check out this next lovely lady. And after looking at her flickr site and blog for only a minute, we automatically knew we had found our next Ploomy Girl.

Elle Chyun aka “Elle Rigby” is a 22-year-old dance choreographer and blogger who lives and works in New York. She is somewhat of a rarity in that she is young, but doesn’t get caught up with all the bright lights and hustle and bustle that New York offers. She is everything we are looking for in a Ploomy Girl—someone who is genuine, driven, easy on the eyes and most importantly someone who doesn’t take herself too seriously.

We spent some time with her hoping she would teach us a dance step or two on what it’s like living the dream in the city that never sleeps. Meet Elle Chyun.

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Editor’s Note: I’ve received so many emails from you out there asking to see women on the site. I’ve listened.

Here is the first installment of a series called Ploomy Girl. It’s simple too, just real women who want to tell you something.

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