21Men Fall Collection Review

Officially launched earlier this year, 21Men (formerly Heritage 1981) has been showing up more and more on the radars of style conscious guys looking for fast fashion at affordable prices.

When it comes to personal style, you’ve heard us talk about starting out with the wardrobe essentials, and then mixing in pieces to spice things up. 21Men is a great place to shop for doing just that. They offer an array of styles that can help you update your wardrobe from season to season. Their price points are reasonable and affords you the opportunity to try many different looks without burning a hole in your wallet.

21Men’s fall collection has a great assortment of sweaters, hoodies, knit tops, outerwear and accessories to keep your wardrobe looking fresh as we head into the end of the year. You’ll find lots of striped and solid color cardigans as well classic v-neck sweaters which also work well when used as layering pieces.

Through the years, I’ve noticed when women’s stores (think Express) expand to have their own line for men, the clothes have a tendency to be high on the douche bag meter. It’s like they just made the men’s line with the fabric scraps from the women’s line. But its somehow not like that with 21Men. Although it’s in lock step with Forever 21 in terms of value and trend, it’s still unique in it’s own way. The collection is able to still fit right in that sweet spot because it’s slightly forward, yet still approachable (just the way we like it).

So the next time your girlfriend asks you to go inside a Forever 21 with her, don’t just wait outside playing with your iPhone. Go inside and you just might be amazed with all the great menswear pieces they have for you to update your fall wardrobe.

Check out: http://www.forever21.com/21men/


The new 21Men’s line encompasses the eclectic nature and diverse style of Forever 21, with the same quality and attention to detail that loyal consumers have grown to expect from the brand.

21MEN offers a full assortment of apparel, including graphic and licensed tees, knit tops, sweaters, woven shirts, hoodies, denim, pants, shorts, outerwear, hats, sunglasses, ties, and bags for men, with prices ranging from $5.90 for sunglasses up to $32.90 for jackets.  New items are available in select stores and online daily. 21MEN provides men of all ages with fresh, fast fashion at affordable prices, mirroring the current Forever 21 line in value and trend.


2 Responses to “Style Spotlight: 21Men Fall Collection Review”

  1. tgb on October 22nd, 2010 4:10 pm

    they’ve also got some real nice, clean looking shoes.

    but just like the women’s product, beware the quality that comes from forever 21! the moderate prices are enticing but they’re not known for their durable quality.

  2. Anthony Doctolero on October 23rd, 2010 11:55 pm

    Agreed. F21 and 21Men it is all about value and trend.

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