I’ve written about how much I like Toronto-based Dunning Sportswear before here and the clothier aimed at sportswear for athletes is at it again.

Now that we’re right in the pocket of Fall, it’s time to check out Dunning’s Next to Skin (NTS) Series.

The Next to Skin (NTS) Series was the result of 18 months of development. Dunning has combined Merino wool with COOLMAX, polyester and spandex, and the result is a proprietary fabric blend that breathes, stretches, and helps you manage moisture. These pieces are designed to keep you warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. It’s no wonder that Dunning is the preferred brand of Ironman world champion Craig Alexander (pictured).

Dunning Sportswear Coolmax® Merino LS Crew Neck

I’ve been wearing a Dunning LS Crew shirt ($78) from the NTS series for a couple months now. The fit is so spot on that it almost feels custom. And even after a few spin cycles in the washer, the fabric still feels like new.

The clothes are so clearly created from an athlete’s perspective. They’ve got the classic-look with built-in performance, as well as some great cotton and wool pieces which are often what I really want after a race or training session.  – Craig Alexander

Garments in the Dunning NTS Series should be considered an investment that will be brilliant from the start and only get better with time. Unlike other next to skin tops made from Merino wool, these pieces will not snag or pill. The proprietary fabric blend will get softer with each wear and never lose its technical attributes.

With Dunning, it’s the fit, it’s the fabric, it’s the good stuff. Instant swagger.

Dunning Sportswear is offered by many of the world’s best retailers, through its own shop on Yonge Street in Toronto and at www.dunningsportswear.com.


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