When making important decisions in life, it’s sometimes hard to know which path to choose.

Jeff Bezos (Founder of Amazon) offers a simple piece of advice for anyone making an important decision. He calls it the “regret minimization framework” but basically it’s a certain way to think about or frame up decisions so as to minimize regrets.

I’ve always enjoyed listening to Jeff Bezos in interviews talking about how he built Amazon. And after seeing this short clip, it makes me think of where I can or have applied this advice.

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One Response to “Simple way to minimize decisions you might regret”

  1. KTarmen on October 1st, 2010 4:14 pm

    Bezos is a smart noodle. It is hard to project yourself into your 80′s, let alone just 5 years down the road, but he presents an interesting case to start doing so. I get the sense with him though that if Amazon didn’t succeeded the way it has, that it would have been the next thing he worked on. He has this “it” quality about him that is special.

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