EasyRoomin - Simplified Shared Living

Moving in with roommates can be a great experience if everyone is on the same page. It usually makes your rent more affordable, you get to meet more peeps, and possibly make good friends in the process.

But of course that doesn’t always happen right? We’ve all heard the horror stories of passive aggressive roommates or the kind that eat everything in the pantry and never buy stuff to replenish it. Those types of roommates just suck. Sure everyone is nice in the beginning when you start living together, but it doesn’t take long to find out that the new roomie (who you thought was so cool and laid back), is actually a slob who never washes dishes and eats all of your Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Vanilla ice cream without asking.

Luckily now there’s a new website called EasyRoomin that aims to simplify shared living by helping roommates track expenses, assign chores, make lists of possessions, and more.

Often times many common roommate squabbles arise because of poor or lack of communication. The best thing about EasyRoomin is that it gets everyone on the same page. It opens up the lines of communication in a public way amongst all your roomies and makes each person accountable.

For more on info, check out: http://www.easyroomin.com/

Key EasyRoomin Features


  • Create bills from user defined payees.
  • Automatic bill allocation.
  • Access your bills by search, calendar, list and more.
  • Payment logs and bill histories broken down by roommate.


  • Assign roommates chores.
  • Set chores to recur on an interval.
  • Receive email reminders leading up to the chore due date.
  • Track for each roommate where a chore is due, past due, or complete.


  • Construct a list of your possessions.
  • Detail your possessions by photo, purchase date, purchase location, description, etc.
  • Examine your roommates’ possessions.
  • Print out a checklist when it is time to move out.


  • Built a list of job, family, and emergency contacts.
  • Roommates can view those contacts at any time.
  • Print out a list for the refrigerator.
  • If something happens, you know who to call.


  • Discuss residence issues and policy.
  • Receive notices about new posts.
  • Stay in the know about what’s going on in your residence.


One Response to “EasyRoomin Simplifies Shared Living”

  1. Derek Sine on July 9th, 2011 10:53 pm

    Easyroomin no longer exist. However, check out http://www.Roomeo.com it’s a great alternative with more features!

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