How many opportunities come up in life to search for buried treasure?  Not many, but your opportunity can begin at

  • From 1967-1991 Canadian Club hid 25 cases of whisky in remote locations around the world from the Great Barrier Reef of Australia to the North Pole and released clues, through a series of legendary ads as to where these cases were hidden for those daring enough to go looking
  • People went out in droves searching for the cases and some were found in places like Venezuela, Mt. Kilimanjaro and Death Valley - there are still some waiting to be discovered

There are still 9 cases waiting to be discovered and clues can be found at Nearly 40 years from its debut, Canadian Club is reviving the campaign with a digital twist for the 21st century.  Instead of print ads, clues will come in the form of online challenges, games and clues where you will have to use your creativity, brain power and speed to collect points to move to the next round.

Details on how to enter the contest can be found when checking out


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