Blank-Label Shirt Review

February 25, 2010 | | 8 Comments 

blank-label-shirt-reviewIn December, the good folks over at Blank Label invited me to try one of their custom men’s dress shirts.

Blank Label is a Boston-based startup that allows its customers to create their own custom dress shirts online.

I went ahead and used their online custom shirt creator and waited for my shirt in the mail. Now that I’ve worn the shirt a couple times now, here are my thoughts.

Overall, I’d say Blank-Label is really on to something here. They’ve created a nicely designed site which allows any Joe Shmo like me to easily create a custom dress shirt online. And I’ve got to hand it to them, the shirt fits almost perfect. It fits exactly the same if not better than the shirt I bought at Cafe Coton off the rack and had taken in at the local tailor. The difference though was that with Blank Label, I never left my apartment. Continue reading »

Do you like to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

I’ll go have a little dinner with my wife, but not much more than that. Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife, but sometimes the juice isn’t worth the squeeze because Valentine’s Day is sorta forced.

Valentine’s Day reminds me of this study done on monkeys. It might be a little off but bare with me because I’m paraphrasing something my friend told me.

Researchers took a monkey and gave him a treat every 8th time he pulled a lever. After a while the monkey stopped pulling the lever because he got bored. They did the same thing with another monkey but randomized when he got the treat (it wasn’t every 8th time). That monkey kept pulling the lever for way longer because he didn’t know when it was coming next (kind of sounds like slot machines haha).

Basically, when it’ predictable, it is not as enjoyable. I’ve never liked Valentine’s Day for that reason.