If you’re like most guys, you’ve got more than a dozen long sleeve button down shirts hanging in your closet. They’re all the usual suspects…JCrew, Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren, Guess, and hell maybe even thrown in a few Van Heusen outlet shirt specials you got a few birthdays ago.  Either way, we’ve all got our fair share of these button down sportshirts fighting for playing time.  And why not, they’re essential to every man’s wardrobe.

The problem I find is that I go through these shirts too quickly. When I first buy them, I think I’ve found my new favorite shirt, but after a few washes they just ain’t the same. So you cut their playing time and eventually relegate them to the end of your proverbial bench.

Enter Dunning Sportswear.  The Dunning Performance Sportshirt ($125) may look like a traditional shirt with a classic fit, but after deeper inspection, the threads reveal a non-traditional Coolmax poly-cotton blend which wicks away moisture .


Dunning Performance Sportshirt

The Dunning clothing line was founded by Toronto native Ralph Dunning, a lifelong athlete turned golf enthusiast. Dunning has also done work for some of the world’s largest and most authentic sports brands including Saucony, GT Cycles and Cervelo. This is important because you know the man knows how to fuse quality and performance.

I’ve had my Dunning shirt going on 4-weeks now and it’s been great. The first thing you will notice is that it is stylish in an understated way. It doesn’t scream, it sings quality.  The fabric is crisp but not overly stuffy or tight. It’s lightweight, well put together and can be worn for a variety of occasions. I’ve had the opportunity to wear it to work and to a dinner with friends. Some even noticed the subtle logo near the left hand cuff which I thought was a nice touch on the design. It’s just a well made shirt, flat out.

Sure you’ve probably never heard of  the Dunning brand, but don’t be surprised to see their threads start to pop up on your local golf course.  2007 Masters Champion, Zach Johnson, has been seen sporting the line.

You can purchase Dunning SportsWear at fine clothiers and through their website. Run, don’t walk to DunningSportsWear.com.


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